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Vermont Technology Alliance

Case Study

The Challenge


The vtTA needed to transform itself to embrace a broader mission, but had little to no resources to do so. Moreover, it needed to challenge existing cultural orthodoxy that technology is antithetical to the values and brand of Vermont.

We looked to celebrate the vibrant Vermont tech economy

Our Approach


We realized the organization, in order to be successful, needed to embrace a new, more contemporary brand, and (ironically enough) embrace new digital tools that would allow it to deliver its important message on the shoestring budget they had to work with.

Vermont is far more than covered bridges & holsteins in pastures

Brand Pyramid

Our Solution


On a pro bono basis, we’ve been working over the last five years to do nothing less than to construct a new and re-envisioned positioning for brand Vermont. That positioning needed to directly challenge the historical “come recreate in my rural yesteryear” brand equities that the state has been promoting for so many decades. Critical in creating a compelling argument for tech was to take what we identified as Vermont’s “sublimated narratives” and bring them to light. We created a vibrant and technologically sophisticated communications system to get the word out, with a newly voiced narrative for the state championed in a new video.

The Result


The totality of our efforts on behalf of the brand has transformed the way this venerable institution communicates with its community. We have helped them more than triple traffic to the website in only two years, and have played a meaningful role in their ability to attract and retain nursing and therapist talent.

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