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Meet the Brandthropologists

Matt Dodds

Chief Brandthropologist


Before forming Brandthropology, Inc., Matthew served as a global advertising executive in New York and throughout Asia. His marketing know-how was developed while serving in postings in New York, Korea, Japan, China and Singapore, where he worked for global advertising firms FCB, D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, BBDO and McCann Erickson. Along the way, he helped define and implement marketing strategies for many of the world’s most sophisticated multi-national marketers, including P&G, Unilever, Gatorade, Exxon, Mars, General Motors, Visa, MasterCard, Goodyear, McDonald’s and Matt’s now enjoying bringing those marketing skills and disciplines to help clients enjoy growth and capitalize on their full potential.


Strategic Planning  |  Marketing Research  |  SWOT Analysis  |  Benefit Laddering  |  Concept Testing  |  Value Proposition Development  |  Brand Positioning  |  Identity System Development  |  Marketing Segmentation  |  Campaign Development  |  Creative Direction  |  Media Planning  |  Budgeting  |  Global Marketing

Anne Dodds

Media Brandthropologist


Our intricate media plans and budgets are reflections of our “marketing ecosystem” thinking, and managing them is no small task. Anne takes our creative visions and brings them to life with market and consumer-informed media plans and budgets to execute them effectively. She’s a big reason why we’ve become one of the market’s largest media buyers. Prior to working at Brandthropology, Anne served under Joe Colucci at the Genesis Group as a media planner, where she used Strata media buying software to manage some of Vermont’s largest media accounts, including McDonalds North Country Marketing Group (NY/VT/NH) General Motors GMC North Country Dealer Group and VSAC. Anne’s artistry isn’t limited to just media planning; during her time in Asia with Matt, she was the lead international consultant to the Samsung Galleries in Korea and later Consulting Editor for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). She then went on to head the international wing of Nanjo and Associates — Tokyo’s most prestigious contemporary art curator.


Media Planning  |  Media Obj. & Strategy  |  Post Buy Analysis  |  Split Copy Testing  |  Make Good Provision  |  Out-of-Home Placements  |  Online Media Buying  |  Budgeting  |  Account Management  |  Online Recruiting  |  Strata  |  Arbitration Data  |  Nielson Data

Cassie Rajotte

Creative Brandthropologist


Cassie procured her BFA in Graphic Design & Digital Media at Champlain College while also having the opportunity to study in London to have a better global understanding of design systems. Cassie is well rounded in all aspects of graphic design but exceeds — and showcases her playful side — when it comes to typography. Cassie recently put her design skills to work creating a standout booklet and video for the Vermont Technology Alliance (vtTA) (that had everyone talking about the connectivity graphic and about the color orange!). Her creative use of fonts and color make for a fresh, clean, engaging modern design aesthetic. She’s also a wiz at video editing. Her work on creating the recent video for the vtTA’s “Path Both Traveled” has been garnering rave reviews.


Adobe Creative Suite  |  Graphic Design  |  Typography  |  Campaign Development  |  Branding & Identity Development  |  Style Guide Design  |  Responsive Design  |  Video Editing  |  Motion Graphics

Jack Reynolds

Marketing Brandthropologist


Jack’s spent the past few years honing his skills in marketing. And the skill set is wide ranging. At home and in the office you can see him behind the camera, using his minor in film studies as a creative outlet. See the cool pics of our office? Yup; Jack’s work. But he’s got a great balance between the artsy and the biz sides; he also manages social media, search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, and sets up and manages our paid search campaigns. But his sleeper skill is in videography and editing footage, where he’s done some excellent work for clients such as CVHHH.


Adobe Creative Suite | Brand Strategy and Positioning | Video Production and Editing | Photography and Image Editing | Google AdWords

Preston Libby

Interactive Brandthropologist


Preston is a UVM-er, where he also has worked as a Teaching Assistant for Computer Science courses. With his experience creating websites and applications, he has helped a variety of businesses establish and grow their web presences. Preston smoothly and routinely manages web and server side development and maintenance for our clients. Be it troubleshooting, hosting downtime or designing and implementing custom plugins for our clients, Preston’s ability to seamlessly implement core functionality means our clients benefit from the efficiencies his coding skills bring to their websites and work.


WordPress  |  Blender  |  GIMP  |  GIT  |  Various IDEs & text editors  |  HTML & CSS  |  PHP  |  Javascript  |  Java  |  Python  |  C#  |  Visual Basic  |  508 Compliance

Nel Korajkic

Interactive Brandthropologist


Nel is a digital maven, with broad experience across a variety of disciplines. He graduated from the University of Vermont with a B.A. in Computer Science, but his interest in web development and coding was sparked back in high school, when he realized Facebook didn’t have a dark mode, and decided to design one himself. His knowledge and passion for editing the web snowballed from there, and he still tinkers with it in his free time. Here at Brandthropology he works across multiple disciplines to manage UX (user experience) and IA (information architecture), crafting intelligent websites for our clients. In fact, this website right here is one of his labors of love. Pretty sweet, right?


Front End Development | HTML 5 | CSS 3 | Javascript ES6 | Responsive Website Design | Front End UI Frameworks (React.js, Vue.js) | Procedure Architecture | Technical Procedure Writing

Will McAllister

Interactive Brandthropologist


Will is another one of our UVM-ers, and he maintains an impressive list of passions, including computer science, mathematics and astronomy. It’s probably telling that in high school Will built his own desktop computer.  So how do you not go into computer science after that? Yet Will isn’t a nerd by any means; he has a sporting side which covers golf (he naturally understands our several golf clients), and remains an avid follower of the English Premier League Football. So I guess that’s one reason he’s such a good team player here at Brandthropology.  The way he sees it, programming is a creative problem solving exercise with useful and interesting applications; it’s all about finding a logical solution while staying organized and maintaining clear architecture. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


HTML5 | CSS3 | Python | JavaScript | WordPress | Drupal | Web Analytics | SEO Techniques

Amelia Dodds

Marketing Brandthropologist Intern


Amelia Dodds is a Marketing Intern here at Brandthropology. She brings her adaptive thinking and creative ability to the team when she helps with the crazy diversity of projects she stewards. She’s precocious, having earned her Google Adwords certification while still a student at University of Vermont. She brings a wicked sense of humor to her writing, and sports a loud laugh that animates our office.


Brand Strategy and Positioning | Video Production | Photography  | Google AdWords | Social Media