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Champlain College

Case Study

The Challenge


There were a number of challenges the organization faced, not the least of which was internal friction with “base brand” Champlain College stakeholders who felt the online offering was cheapening the brand. We needed to position this division differently, to be more compelling to external prospects and palatable to Champlain leadership.

We set out to celebrate the college’s practical approach to vocational learning 

Our Approach


Given some of the internal politics, we reached deeply not only in gathering student prospect insights, but also garnering Champlain leadership’s enfranchisement in the overall process. Using the college’s own motto “Let Us Dare”, we re-imagined the entire marketing mix to form a much more compelling, modernized offering.

The college’s hands on approach to learning is a core strength

Brand Pyramid

Our Solution


Short term, we used our marketing and digital ecosystem audits to dramatically improve search engine optimization for the current site with the key ingredient being our bringing onto the site the rich course catalog (which was stored off its main domain). Long term, we led the college (both Continuing Ed and leadership) through a process of re-imagining the goto-market funding model to be subscription based, with heightened certification opportunities. Critically, we were able to help align Continuing Ed and leadership around this new vision.

The Result


The vtTA has gone from strength to strength following our adoption of the new branding and positioning work we’ve done for the state. We’ve received grants to further the work, including a major tech jobs report and recruitment white paper. Governor Scott and Mayor Miro have both asked to use our work, and the legislature now regularly asks for vtTA’s counsel on upcoming legislation, and the Agency of Commerce has taken our video and made it the keynote for its “Think Vermont” website. View it here.

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