Central Vermont Home Health and Hospice

Case Study

The Challenge


Like all VNAs in Vermont, CVHHH is facing a “silver tsunami” of aging citizens 65+, just as federal funds to support their efforts are in decline. CVHHH needed to reach out to its community to tell its story and reassess and update its marketing system to be digitally savvy.

We started by reviewing their internal & external communications

Our Approach


We followed our classic “Brandthropology Process” conducting market research, reaching out to stakeholders and auditing existing communications. We rolled up our findings and shared them with management.

We needed to raise awareness of CVHHH’s deep community impacts

CVHHH Brand Pyramid

Our Solution


When people think of healthcare, they think of hospitals, not home health agencies. And that’s a problem because our demographic challenges continue to rise and home health agencies (and the home based services they provide) are critical to meeting Vermont’s healthcare needs.

We created a new platform, starting with a revised website, a new brand architecture and wedded new digital tools into what was a antiquated marketing mix. We also structured metrics around the key service areas we were charged with supporting (hospice, private care and recruiting).

The Result


The totality of our efforts on behalf of the brand has transformed the way this venerable institution communicates with its community. We have helped them more than triple traffic to the website in only two years, and have played a meaningful role in their ability to attract and retain nursing and therapist talent.

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