Primmer Piper Eggleston and Cramer PC

The Challenge


Law firms are strange beasts.  They are comprised of self-assured individuals that need to find common cause.  Our task was to serve two masters in the creation of a brand that could give new life to both entities.

Our strategy of focusing on practice areas (of which there are 24), allowed us to place all attorneys,
regardless of office, into a collective core.

Our Approach


We used our Brandthropology Process to create a shared understanding among all parties of the relative strength of each law firm brand in their respective markets.  We made sure to bring all stakeholders through a shared process that helped ensure buy-in. 

We overhauled their communication channel strategies by placing the website at the center of
their marketing ecosystem, and promoted greater traffic via the introduction of
Paid Search and Paid Social strategies.

Primmer Piper Eggleston and Cramer PC Brand Pyramid

Our Solution


Law firm mergers are famous for creating brands with long strings of surnames linked by ampersands.  This has the benefit of assuaging egos but often creates brand names that are both clunky and unmemorable.  Our research uncovered the strengths of Primmer as the area of focus. With that decision made, we would move  on to stitching together six offices across three states by forming multi-state practice areas.

The Result


We worked with law firm leadership to identify which practice areas would receive prioritized investment.  For the last seven years, we have been methodically working through the improvement of practice area landing pages while creating intricate mini-marketing systems that throw traffic to them. These systems include a mix of organic SEO, content creation leading to inbound marketing, Paid Search and Paid Social strategies.

Other Case Studies