Champlain College (Computer Forensics)


We started by solving a significant problem related to the serving environment hosting the college’s website. The old servers were on-campus, had not been properly maintained or updated. For the back-end of the site, the first thing was to set up a new server that allowed control over caching and compression to speed up the delivery of files to visitors, as well as more memory to cover the increasing traffic we were expecting from the ad campaigns and eventual organic traffic. We then set up the foundation for the new site on a platform that allowed us to perform customizations to further our goals of speed and SEO optimization. The new platform would also allow us to integrate with the CRM system in place at the school, and therefore track ROI from the ad a visitor first clicked on down to the enrollment.

We enhanced the user experience (UX) by updating the navigation to allow visitors to navigate the site with less clicks and reach the enrollment stage more quickly. As part of our re-education efforts within the college, we identified the need for consistent content generation in order to sustain high levels of organic traffic to the website. We enlisted the help of those individuals who are responsible for making Champlain College so well respected in the nation for its Computer Forensics programs: the students and faculty. Students were enlisted to post case studies they created for class onto the micro-site’s blog. This tactic ensured that the content being generated was unique, authoritative and in many cases, the first of its kind. Some of the students were performing forensics work with their professors on devices that had only been publicly available for weeks or months and they were often the first to suggest ways to use these devices during forensics investigations. One particular post on forensics on the newly released Kindle became a popular destination within the professional forensics community. We encouraged the creation of unique forensics content, and helped the college produce a “blood splatter video” that also received significant viral traffic.

We also realized the importance of the synonymity of web page content to our paid search campaigns, carefully orchestrating content and keywords as well as compelling content to maximize search optimization. In many cases, we were able to create unique landing pages optimized for the paid search and paid social campaigns we were running in the market.


The results were immediate and dramatic. Within the first four months of our efforts, keywords most related to Champlain College’s online forensics programs shot up to the first page. Within another month, we had displaced our national competition, and have essentially owned the top two results in Google for the past year and a half. This, from a broader marketing perspective, has been extremely profitable for the college. Overall traffic increased by 42%, while out-of-state inquiries rose by over 208%. See the above screen captures, which illustrate the degree to which our SEO efforts have allowed Champlain to dominate nearly all relevant key search terms related to computer forensics and digital investigation.


Digital Forensics Magazine Print Ad

Champlain College has the unique porperty of having the best online Computer Forensics program in the country. We capitalized on this by placing a print ad in Digital Forensics magazine to highlight Champlain's credentials.

We included the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security logos as validation of the program. Both governmental organizations have designated Champlain College a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education.

NMC Thematic Print Ad: Jack Hurlbut Hip Replacement [Excellence]

Our tagline "[x] we do that here" allows us great flexibility in how we use the campaign to deliver against various hospital marketing objectives. In this case, we're emphasizing the quality of orthopaedic care at NMC using a patient testimonial.

NMC Thematic Print Ad: Kevin and Lindsay Jarvis Birth [Intimacy]

This is an example of our telling the "intimacy" story. Kevin Jarvis, a soldier who was sent overseas, couldn't be present for the birth of his daughter. NMC bent over backwards to help set up the birthing room with internet connectivity so he could be there for his wife.

Northern Insuring Thematic Campaign

Our print campaign highlights the assets of various customers that have been "buttoned up" by Northern. The campaign features the larger, institutional clients that Northern's competitors are not qualified to handle.

Northern Insuring Thematic Campaign

The campaign also features, wherever possible, widely publicized insurance claims of topical interest in the Northern New York region. An example of this is Northern's coverage of the Mountain Lake PBS tower, which was successfully insured for $1.7 million.

Northern Insuring Thematic Campaign

In an insurance environment that is getting ever more commoditized by internet players (E-Surance, Geico, Progressive) we're helping Northern grow alternative, high-margin product lines. Such as their employee benefits division.

Central Vermont Medical Center Print Campaign “Superior Staff”

Our print campaign was voted “Best in New England” by New England Society for Healthcare Communications. One critical “thumping” area for CVMC is the high quality staff they retain. Doctor Royal Bartrum, a Harvard graduate and co-inventor of the ultrasound, was just one example we chose to highlight in the campaign.

Central Vermont Medical Center Print Campaign “The New Medicine”

CVMC has been working hard to bring new forms of medicine to its patient base. This story centers on volunteers in the community who knit caps for cancer patients as a way to express their sympathy and care.

Central Vermont Medical Center Print Campaign “The New Medicine”

When we heard that there was a dog named Zuzu working in the hospital, we knew we had a great story. Zuzu helps work with mentally disabled patients who often respond well to animals—drawing out their emotions

Central Vermont Medical Center Print Campaign “The Latest Facilities”

We try to find unique selling points for our clients’ products and services. We felt that the hospital’s female CEO might provide a meaningful point of differentiation for the hospital’s birthing center.

Central Vermont Medical Center Print Campaign “Public Service Announcement”

We enjoy creating public service announcements…this one is for a co-promotion that CVMC did in conjunction with the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Central Vermont Medical Center Print Campaign “Public Service Announcement”

Whenever possible, we try to enlist and feature “real people” from the communities of our clients. Here, we’ve used locally well known business owner Burr Morse in an ad promoting exercise.

Champlain National Bank Thematic Ad

The key to selling Champlain National Bank's services was to provide a meaningful reason why people should select them. Our "Your Community Bank on It" campaign did just this.

Champlain National Bank Thematic Ad

Notice that we also developed a claim area that underscored the bank's commitment to funding local development. See the blue box with "Home of the 97.3% North Country focus."

Champlain National Bank Thematic Ad

The 97.3% North Country focus demonstrates how locally generated deposits are turned into local infrastructure investments (as opposed to being passed along to other metropolitan development such as Cleveland (Key Bank) or Hong Kong (HSBC).

Champlain National Bank Tactical Ad

Along with the thematic campaign, we worked with the bank in developing advertising to support its various product lines. In this case, we were supporting home improvement loans. Note that this tactical work still lives within the overall look of the bank's communications.

Champlain National Bank Tactical Ad

In upstate New York, RV loans are big business. We usually support this seasonal product line heavily in the spring. We look across all our clients to determine annual planning objectives and strategies.

Champlain National Bank Tactical Ad

Just because it's a bank ad about CDs doesn't mean it has to look boring or be forgettable. Any communication that's worth crafting is worth crafting well.

Woodridge Brochure Development

This brochure was designed to accompany the DVD. We are especially proud of the way the watercolor imagery lends a softer, warmer look to the nursing home. We felt photographs would be less effective in providing a welcoming tone and feel.

Adirondak Hickory Open Brochure (Cover)

Click on the above image to experience our work.

Adirondak Hickory Open Brochure (Spread)

Click on the above image to experience our work.