Audubon Guides Email Campaign

E-mail marketing provided an effective means to communicate the guide’s benefits to Audubon Chapter members. We developed e-mails that provided interactive experiences to underscore how the apps worked. This included the acquisition of multiple lists aligned with our segmentation model, including Audubon members, conservationists, educators, iPhone enthusiasts, etc...

NMC - Recruitment Email Campaign

We worked with Northwestern Medical Center's Recruitment department to create branded email templates for each department they had open positions in. We used these templates to reach out to previous applicants during a reactivation campaign when the hospital needed to hire more nurses. We also used one of these templates to reach out to all applicants who had applied to a job in their old Applicant Tracking System during the hospitals migration to a new Applicant Tracking System. The emails served as a notice that there would be a change to the application process when the new system was put in place. A follow up email in this branded format was used to remind applicants about the new process after the system had launched.

Vermont National Country Club Target Audience Segmentation: E-mail Marketing Campaign

We created e-mail marketing templates for each of their critical targets. From left to right above you can see a template for member communications, a template to corporate prospect communications, as well as a template for conferences and events prospecting.

Vermont Hickory Open Email Marketing

With the e-mail marketing engine we are able to tell how many people received the message (how many messages bounced), how many people opened the message (for the VHO it was over 75%), how many people clicked through to the links embedded in the e-mail (a whopping 87%). With this tool, we can easily implement split copy tests, allowing us to try different variations to see which one pulls best—all in real time! Way cool.

Central Vermont Medical Center E-Mail Marketing

We provide an e-mail marketing engine for many of our clients. It allows us to maintain a consistent branded “look” while providing the extraordinary ability to track opens, click-throughs, bounce rates, etc.