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"Get Out The Vote" Campaign for VEC Wins Widespread Approval of Transmission Upgrade

July 25, 2011

Vermont Electric Coop (VEC) came to us when opponents of the Lowell Wind Project (a project conceived and funded by another Vermont utility, Green Mountain Power) became actively involved in defeating a transmission infrastructure upgrade VEC was recommending.

We knew we needed to create a Brand Strategy that did not antagonize the competition while still informing about the advantages of the Smart Grid.

We advised VEC in the face of well-funded and well-organized opposition. Our overall strategy was two-fold; don't allow the competition to set the narrative by responding to their materials, and maximize turnout across the overall VEC membership, as those most opposed were likely to be a small, but vocal minority geographically closest to the Lowell Wind Project. The results: the vote passed by a broad margin: 5,340 to 1,379.