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Dodds Moderates Social Media Event

October 12, 2011

"What the Heck is Social Media Anyways?": it's just one of the questions that framed the event offered by Leadership Development Northwest (LDN). LDN seeks to inform, challenge, and motivate potential leaders by providing opportunities, enabling interaction with business/community leaders, identifying business/community concerns, informing participants about community resources, and creating a sense of community of leaders in the Northwestern Vermont Community. This event was attended by people for profits and nonprofits alike, from many different disciplines such as; social services, municipal, educational, agricultural, and healthcare organizations.

LDN asked Matt Dodds, our Chief Brandthropologist, to speak on the importance of Social Media Marketing. and the effect it has had on the way consumers interact with brands.  Conversations touched on the pros and cons of utilizing social media when implemented by both government and business professionals. Brandthropology prides itself on our involvement in the collaborative culture of Vermont's professional organizations.