Brandthropology Makes A Pledge at 27th Annual Art Hop

Brandthropology Makes A Pledge at 27th Annual Art Hop

Brandthropology made a contribution towards a mural created at this year’s 27th Art Hop. The mural is located at Soda Plant near the back of the building in the parking lot, and can’t be missed due to its use of vibrant colors and shapes.

As Patricia Trafton owner and director of Soap Box Art Gallery who helped put everything together states, “This was the largest mural Will has painted to date and we were so thrilled when we approached him that he was willing to take it on with just a few weeks notice!  The project was an incredible example of what happens when Soda Plant businesses can come together and pool our collective resources. We’re very grateful for the additional support we received from Foam Brewers, Caledonia Spirits, and Vermont Paint Company. Our goal is to make live mural painting an annual project, choosing a new artist to tackle the wall each September.”

Art Hop is an annual event run by the South End Arts & Business Association. This free to attend event celebrates the ever-growing creative community in the South End and in Burlington. Art Hop offers a variety of performances and events spread out on Pine Street that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The mural was created by local artist Will Gebhard, a Champlain College graduate!
To view more of his work, or to order a commission, visit his website!

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