Once Again, New Finney Crossing Apartment Inventory Completely Sells Out Prior to Opening

Once Again, New Finney Crossing Apartment Inventory Completely Sells Out Prior to Opening

We have been working off and on with Peg and Scott Rieley, the owners of Finney Crossing Apartments, since they were the owners of the Alpine Shop. So our relationship goes back over a decade. After selling the Alpine Shop, they became more active in pursuing their real estate interests, and we’ve been supporting them towards that end.

Peg and Scott started acquiring various apartments that they could rent to students in downtown Burlington, ultimately becoming one of the largest landlords in the market. More recently, Peg and Scott have become investors in the Finney Crossing complex, which includes stand-alone town-homes owned by Snyder Homes and significantly sized apartment buildings owned by Peg and Scott (along with some additional partners).

We were brought in to help with the marketing of the apartment inventory rapidly coming online. With over 375 apartments coming onto the market there was more than a little concern that the uptake would not match the build out. They needn’t have worried. The apartments have proved to be extremely popular and (we’d like to believe) our positioning work and marketing efforts have proven effective.

Case in point; the latest building to open to the market is 280 Holland Lane. As of mid-May, all June inventory coming onto the market was pre-rented. Similarly, all the apartment inventory coming onto the market in July was pre-sold by mid-June.

How did we do it? We started by working with Peg and Scott to create a new marketing ecosystem that includes a website, FinneyCrossingApts.com, that serves as an enhanced place for conversions to take place. We then drove qualified traffic via our SEO efforts and the orchestration of ROI-informed real estate platform marketing (including the judicious use of Apartments.com, Zillow.com and Craigslist.com).

Our efforts are now moving beyond the creation of qualified leads and into additional areas of marketing that include social media, the creation of renter-get-renter efforts, and Tafts Corner area vendor tie-ups.There is lots more to do, as more inventory come online throughout this year and next. Watch this space.

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