Evolve Vermont Talk Influences State Legislation: Bill H.83

Evolve Vermont Talk Influences State Legislation: Bill H.83

Chief Brandthropologist Matt Dodds’ recent pitch to the Legislature on Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott’s “Economic Pitch Day” event has inspired a bi-partisan effort to create legislation. Here’s how Heidi Scheuermann, who serves on the House Committee on Commerce and Economic Development, put it recently in her newsletter:

“When Paul Ralston, Phil Scott and I came up with the Economy Pitch, we were looking for good ideas to grow our economy.
And, the Vermont Chamber of Commerce and Matt Dodds at Brandthropology provided just that. Even more, though, it was a great idea to do exactly what so many of us have been talking about for years!

This idea is to tell the world about Vermont – that it is more than a great quality of life, beautiful mountains, and pristine pastureland. That, in fact, it can be a place to succeed and prosper, and to invest.

So, H. 83, the legislation I introduced with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, I have proudly stolen in its entirety (with their permission), directly from Brandthropology and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce!”
Vermont. We have a better story to tell. Let’s tell it.

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