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Google Analytics Implementation for Alice and the Magician

December 12, 2015

As a Google Analytics Partner, we've had the great opportunity to work on some of the state's largest brands in implementing Google Analytics across their marketing ecosystems. This involves taking time to learn the clients business, uncovering key metrics to measure, then setting Goals and Events to track them. But Vermont isn't always about size, is it? Our neighbors, Alice and the Magician stopped in recently looking for some help, and we were happy to oblige. They're a great example of the innovative start-up scene here in Vermont. As participants of the Launch VT program, Matt (our Chief Brandthropologist) was asked to provide feedback on the business plans of these emerging companies. As strong believers in being neighborly, Brandthropology has provided pro bono counsel to Alice and the Magician (OK, OK we did ask for a sample pack!). So we not only set up their Goals & Events, we also got into a discussion of their business model, encouraging them to initially maintain a focus on the mixology market. They seem to be moving from strength to strength, and we wish them the best of luck (and are excited to see how they evolve!).