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About Brandthropology

Today, growth opportunities increasingly lie in the second and third worlds. Yet integrating countries like Russia, China & India into a coherent global strategy is proving a tricky business for even the most advanced multi-national firms.

Management consensus is to "think global, act local". Sounds simple enough. Yet to date, no systematic approach exists to help marketers implement a global vision for equity development. That's where Brandthropology® comes in...

A Developmental Approach to Global Brand Equity Stewardship

We help firms construct unified frameworks for managing brands across diverse markets and over time. The end result of an engagement provides our clients with a broadly evoked path for a brand's equities to evolve (and, yes, when necessary, even devolve) in order to remain relevant within the lives of diverse local consumers.

The approach succeeds by granting individual markets -- particularly emerging ones -- the flexibility they need to remain relevant to local consumer needs while providing global management with a tool that keeps all the world's diverse markets within the same strategic framework.

Find Out Why PepsiCo International Uses Brandthropology

PepsiCo has global ambitions for its Gatorade brand. When they wanted to understand which markets deserve heaviest investment, how to administer the brand globally, and whether U.S. market insights could help guide the brand overseas, they turned to us. We were able to help on all fronts.

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