Vermont National Country Club Brand Development: Brand Pyramid

The marketing challenge for Vermont National -- especially in a time of economic downturn, and a market where the golf season is limited -- is to convince people that the overall value of the club is worth the significant monthly dues...

Vermont National Country Club Collateral Material Development: Brochure (Cover)

We've been working with Vermont National to make the quality and elegance of their marketing materials match the quality and elegance of their facilities. We take great pride in orchestrating the sale; here we open with the clubhouse...

Vermont National Country Club Collateral Material Development: Brochure (Spread)

...then outline the golfing experience (Nicklaus Design, tournaments and practice facilities), then feature a litany of benefits (functions, events, and fine dining) that club membership confers.

Vermont National Country Club Collateral Material Development: Brochure (Back)

We close the sale by focusing on mom; she's often the dealbreaker!

Vermont National Country Club Target Audience Segmentation: E-mail Marketing Campaign

We created e-mail marketing templates for each of their critical targets. From left to right above you can see a template for member communications, a template to corporate prospect communications, as well as a template for conferences and events prospecting.

Vermont National Country Club Direct Marketing: Membership Acquisition

This direct mail piece, mailed in a translucent envelope, was one of the most successful DM pieces we've made. The first year this ran we garnered 40 new members -- and outstanding return on the club's investment, considering that each new member is charged an upfront membership fee of $7,000. We did an extensive amount of work gathering databases of area professionals (doctors, dentists, lawyers, real estate agents, etc.) then culled this list down to those we could confirm as golfers. If you come into the agency, we'd love to show you this piece.

Vermont National Country Club Website Development

You'll notice that a significant amount of our marketing communications feature the Vermont National clubhouse. That's intentional: it's a significant differentiated benefit. You don't get that at other local golf clubs. The structure is physically and aesthetically impressive and helps underscore some of the less articulated psychological benefits that club membership entails: "I've made it," "I'm worth this experience," "My friends will be impressed."