Hickok & Boardman Website Redesign

For H&B’s new website, we’re making it the center of a newly imagined marketing ecosystem. The new site features many upgrades, including a clear value proposition, elevation of their new practice areas, improved SEO and consistent calls to action throughout. We’ve worked through the handshakes between our website’s data capture and H&B’s CRM software. We’re also coordinating monthly newsletters and event email blasts that bring clients and prospects to specifically designed landing pages for increased conversions and tracking.

Burlington Electric Website Redesign

Burlington Electric, a local leader in sustainability, reached out to us a few months back looking to build a new, more consumer-friendly website. There were a number of challenges with their old site and they turned to our team at Brandthropology to find solutions and to design a new site that served the needs of their team and their constituents. We don't like to brag (okay, sometimes we do), but we're thrilled with the site and couldn't be more proud of the final product: a new website that represents the modern efficiency that Burlington Electric Departments produces.

Palmer Engineering Company Website Development

The Palmer Engineering website presents a significant catalog of projects, ranging from Hindu temples to a two-ton Spider Man installation. 

View the Palmer Engineering web site.

National Hickory Championship Responsive Website Design

With the rise in popularity of throwback, hickory golf, the National Champioship website was in need of a modern, mobile friendly website. Our Chief Brandthropologist, and resident US Hickory Team member, has a few photos from his time on the tour which you can see featured on the new website.

Northwestern Medical Center

Working with the hospital we developed a responsive website to help serve the members of their community. Each section of the website presents the most important information to a mobile visitor for that particular page. In most cases, this is the contact information, either for the main hospital, or for any of the individual practices that the hospital adminstrates. 

Gardner Kilcoyne Architects Website Design: Home Page

Gardner Kilcoyne Architects approached us to develop a website, and we worked diligently to understand their overall business objectives and positioning in the market. We developed a website that showcased the incredible projects that have been completed.

View the Gardner Kilcoyne Architects website.

Champlain College: CPS Website Redesign

Champlain College approached Brandthropology with quite a challenge: redesign and launch the Division of Continuing Professional Studies' website in 3 months. This intense timeline needed to take into account the drastic overhaul of the site's architecture to meet current day SEO best practices. The new UX had to improve overall user experience. The site needed to seamlessly interface with base brand's class registration database. Mission accomplished.

View the new site.

Emphase Website Design (Homepage)

Our redeisgn of the Emphase website attempted to showcase the quality of products being sold by Emphase. Emphase sells top level embedded solutions to military, government and businesses across the globe.

Computer & Digital Forensics at Champlain College

Working with Champlain College we realized an opportunity to drive enrollment in one of their flagship programs, Computer and Digital Forensics. Working across three divisions, the Traditional on Campus division, the online Continuing Education division and the Graduate division we created a microsite to serve the needs of all three divisions. We utilized our SEO knowledge to help develop content strategies, a search engine friendly website structure and search engine marketing campaigns that helped drive this site to the front page of Google for many search terms related to online computer and digital forensics programs and degrees. To read a full breakdown of efforts, please review our search engine optimzation case study.

Vermont Hickory Open Website Development

Most of you know that Matt's kind of a nutter about hickory golf. The website, which can be found here, outlines the rules for the event, describes accommodations nearby, and houses the photography.

View the Vermont Hickory Open website.

Vermont National Country Club Website Development

You'll notice that a significant amount of our marketing communications feature the Vermont National clubhouse. That's intentional: it's a significant differentiated benefit. You don't get that at other local golf clubs. The structure is physically and aesthetically impressive and helps underscore some of the less articulated psychological benefits that club membership entails: "I've made it," "I'm worth this experience," "My friends will be impressed." View Website

Champlain National Bank Website Design

It would be hard to express just how "devolved" the bank's website was before we came on board. You can find their old site by clicking here or view the new site by clicking here.

Northern Insuring Website Design

Click on the above image to experience our work.


Click on the above image to experience our work.

U.S. Hickory Open

Click on the above image to experience our work.

Emphase Website Design (Product Page)

The product page we developed for Emphase higlights the most important aspects of each product while allowing users to dive down deep into the more technical features.

Visit the new Emphase website.

CCV Portal Website

We worked with the Champlain College's Continuing Professional Studies admissions advisors to develop an online portal where they could keep up to date documentation for admissions advisors from the nearby Community College of Vermont (CCV) to access when helping their students apply to Champlain. Working with Champlain College, we determined that a significant portion of their potential students where transfers from the 2 year programs that CCV offered. To ease the application process, CCV advisors often provide documents that they would receive individually from admissions counselors at Champlain, our online portal helped ease the communications lines between the two colleges to encourage transfers to Champlain.

NMC Applicant Tracking System

We’ve transformed the website as a place to tell a compelling story of why the hospital is a great place to work. With downloadable brochures and videos, we offer prospective employees a richer understanding of who we are, inviting them to take a deeper look. We transitioned the hospital's rescruitment department out of a Lotus Notes based applicant tracking system into a fully responsive website using Drupal as the content management system. We then integrated the hospitals newly created applicant tracking system so they could use an industry standard ATS with a fully featured CMS.