Northwestern Medical Center: Walk-in Clinic Launch

Northwestern Medical Center launched one of its largest new business ventures in many years with the introduction of Northwestern Walk-in Clinic. The intention was to better serve area residents with expanded access times -- especially to those communters living in the Milton/Fairfax/Georgia area on the hospital's southern tier. Our PR efforts included outreach to area newspapers, as well as an on-site appearance at the open house by WOKO DJ & radio personality "The Cowboy." Our efforts helped the clinic reach profitability six months earlier than predicted, and helped us garner a "Lamplighter" award from the New England Society of Healthcare Communications.

VEC Approves $12 Million Upgrade Tied to Wind Project

While Vermont Electric Coop proposed a significant improvement to their transmission lines, an opposition group attempted to tie the upgrade to a contentious windmill project in Lowell, VT. We suggested VEC remain on topic when communicating to their members, by focusing on the upgrade as a discussion about rates, not windpower. The result: a 5,340 to 1,379 vote in favor of the upgrade.

Central Vermont Medical Center Public Relations

We worked with CVMC to help tell their story in unpaid, as well as paid, media. We kept detailed measures of the value of media coverage that we generated for the hospital. We garnered over $175,000 in press coverage in one 12 month period.