Northern Insuring Brand Pyramid

We worked with Northern to conduct research that allowed us to understand and position their brand intelligently. You can see the results of that research above, including SWOT analyses, the winning strategic positioning and, ultimately, our go-to-market brand pyramid that would guide all future communications.

Northern Insuring

Northern Insuring came to us after a board member saw the quality of the work that we were crafting for Champlain National Bank. Northern's challenge (as the largest insurance agency based in the North Country) was to start communicating how its size and superior professionalism creates more value for its customers.

Northern Insuring Logo/Tagline

Our positioning, shown above, has made Northern the "buttoned up choice" for insurance and employee benefits services.

Northern Insuring Thematic Campaign

Our print campaign highlights the assets of various customers that have been "buttoned up" by Northern. The campaign features the larger, institutional clients that Northern's competitors are not qualified to handle.

Northern Insuring Thematic Campaign

The campaign also features, wherever possible, widely publicized insurance claims of topical interest in the Northern New York region. An example of this is Northern's coverage of the Mountain Lake PBS tower, which was successfully insured for $1.7 million.

Northern Insuring Thematic Campaign

The campaign also targets small business owners such as Condo Pharmacy in Plattsburgh, shown above.

Northern Insuring Thematic Campaign

In an insurance environment that is getting ever more commoditized by internet players (E-Surance, Geico, Progressive) we're helping Northern grow alternative, high-margin product lines, such as their employee benefits division.

Northern Insuring Free Standing Insert

This flyer, inserted into the Chamber of Commerce newsletter, underscores how the campaign can be used for tactical purposes to generate sales.

Northern Insuring Employee Benefits Sales Kit

Northern's Employee Benefits division felt they were losing sales due to competitors having stronger point-of-sale materials. We worked closely with them to create a sales kit with tabbed one-sheets that help sales people educate client prospects about Northern's value-added "buttoned up" processes and services.

Northern Insuring Website Design

Our design of the Northern Insuring website parallels the advertising campaign we have been developing for them. A clean, slick website provides all the information a prospective customer may need. You can view their old site by clicking here

Northern Insuring Television Spot (Flash Needed)

Complementing our campaign are TV ads that feature the true litmus test of a quality insurer; satisfied clients who have filed a claim. This ad focuses on a claim made by Chazy Orchards.

Northern Insuring Television Spot (Flash Needed)

Beyond their value in promoting the Northern brand, these ads also are a way to reward certain clients with exposure. We've learned to never underestimate the power of local testimonials!